Cake plate poems

Increase donations at your bake sale or cake stall by sending this poem out to parents

Your cake sale becomes pure profit if all the items have been donated by parents. Make sure your request for donations is noticed, by printing these poems onto stickers to put on paper plates – securing more baked goodies to sell at your event!

Cake stalls are a popular feature at PTA events, or can be run as stand-alone sales after school to draw in extra funds. Letters sent home might not catch the attention of parents, so how about this tried-and-tested method of sending out a paper plate with a cake poem?

The paper plate is more symbolic, so don’t be offended if cakes are handed in without the plate (bulk packets of paper plates can be picked up very cheaply)! Pick a poem, print onto stickers, attach to your plates and send them home to parents. Remember to let us know how you get on – or email us at with your cake poems.


Attached to this rhyme is a paper plate

Upon which we would ask you to donate

Cookies, muffins, pies or a cake

Anything that you would like to bake

Your home-baked delights

Will satisfy our plight

And show that you care

About our summer fayre

(Rae Surch)

Pat a cake, pat a cake hear our plea

fill this plate as soon as can be

buy them or bake them, we don’t mind

whatever you send us will be very kind!

(Lucy Baxter)

I am a little plate

as lonely as can be

please won’t you bake some cakes

to place upon me.

(Julie Caines)

I am just a little paper plate

and only very small

but fill me up with yummy cakes

and we’ll sell them on our stall.

(Tracey Johnson)


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