About us

PTA+ is a Community Inspired initiative

Community Inspired Ltd. was set up in October 2002 to run safety services for children at venues throughout the UK.

Community Inspired is a social enterprise – a business that trades with the primary objective of supporting society. In our case that's PTAs, families and schools. Profits are reinvested for the benefit of the communities we support. We pride ourselves on the provision of excellent information and services. We work with the leading bodies in all sectors. Our technology partners comply with highest standards of security and codes of practice.

PTA+ is the home of school fundraising

Helping PTAs plan successful events, raise funds and run their associations

We began publishing PTA Magazine in January 2011, completely revamping and reinvigorating this exciting product. In addition to the website and magazine, PTA+ has a vibrant social media presence. PTAs can connect to one another though our Facebook group, local Facebook county groups and through Twitter. More than 10,000 PTA members access our social accounts.


A time-saving toolkit for school business managers

Launched in 2016, FundEd features a comprehensive range of proven income generation solutions. FundEd equips schools with the tools they need to raise funds quickly, develop new fundraising skills, and build resilience for the future.

FundEd provides:

  • FundEd magazine: a 60-page glossy publication sent out once per term
  • PTA+ magazine: three issues a year full of fundraising ideas and inspiration
  • Grant funding advice: identifying funds and writing successful bids
  • Grants database: featuring over £6m-worth of grants specifically aimed at schools
  • Partnerships advice: how to identify potential business partners and form a request for support
  • Crowdfunding advice: expert guidance to help schools run a successful campaign
  • Funding alerts: half-termly email newsletters featuring grants and seasonal ideas

Child Safe Zones

A service which has gone from strength to strength, providing a nationally recognised 'lost child' service to shopping centres, town and city centres, beaches and visitor attractions throughout the UK and Ireland.

For more information, please contact us:

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