Meet the team

Meet the PTA+ team

Richard Manville, managing director

Richard started his sales career after teaching and travelling in Kenya. His skills in establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with clients enable us to keep PTA+ free of charge to PTA members, helping them raise more funds. Richard keeps our company competitive and innovative by adapting our business strategy to meet market demands. In response to the growing number of school business managers seeking to generate extra income, he created FundEd for schools in 2016.

Carol Rogerson, editor PTA+ and

Carol is an experienced publishing professional. Her skills include print and digital publishing, commissioning, writing, editing and art direction. She plans the magazine, online articles and emails, ensuring we produce fresh, original content across the magazines and digital platforms. Carol is always looking for new ways to help our small team achieve as much as we can. She is mum to one school-age child, and an active member of the schools PTA, focusing on publicity and communications.

Zoë Hill, sub editor

Zoë has been working in magazines for more than 20 years. Starting out as a writer, her pernickety nature led her to become a sub editor. Shes proud of her attention to detail and can spot a typo at 20 paces. Her role involves cutting copy to fit the layout, fine-tuning text until it’s perfect, writing headlines that draw in the reader and ensuring no spelling mistakes slip through.

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Emma Griffin, resources editor

Emma joined the PTA+ team in February 2019 after a fun stint helping a national charity‘s local branch with their fundraising. She has spent most of her working life in advertising and marketing agencies where she managed campaigns for many different companies (a personal favourite being clients in the professional matchmaking industry). Emma looks after our advertisers and is responsible for researching new products, resources and workshops to feature in our magazines. She has three school-age children and is passionate about supporting schools and PTAs.

Joanna Bettles, design

Joanna is an accomplished designer with over 20 years experience. As well as using her talents to enhance our magazines, she helps run events for the PFA at her children’s school and in the local community. She recently took on the role of parent governor at her children’s primary school.

Sarah Everson, admin assistant

Sarah joined us when her youngest daughter started pre-school. Sarah thrives on variety: one minute, she’s liaising with subscribers and advertisers on the magazines; the next, she’s researching and compiling the FundEd grants database. Sarah contributes ideas, grants information and testimonials to the editorial team and is also the administrator of our Child Safe Zones scheme, which runs in shopping centres nationwide. In her ‘spare’ time, Sarah is a leader in charge of a local Guide unit.

Roz Smith, digital assistant

Roz worked as a personal assistant for a charity director before moving into publishing and due diligence. After taking maternity leave, she began working at Community Inspired, where she helps the managing director with day-to-day tasks. Roz takes care of our online presence, managing websites, emails, and supplier directories. She is mum to two school-age children.

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