100-square grid

A simple and easy way to boost profits is by having a 100-square grid at your event, with no need to buy any prizes

Running a 100-square grid as part of your event is a simple way to boost profits. It requires very little organisation and we’ve made it even easier with our downloadable template.

A 100-square grid makes a great alternative to running a raffle – no need to secure prize donations, and it takes only one volunteer to run it! It’s a perfect last-minute way to raise extra funds. Choose a percentage of your takings to give as a prize (usually 25-50%), and announce the winner at the end of the night.

Success story

Paul Compton, PTA chair, Kings Norton Primary, Birmingham: ‘We’ve used the 100-square grid idea to great effect! The last time it was used was as part of our family quiz night. We sell each square for £1, usually selling all 100, and the winner receives £25 – not a bad return on your money. It’s good odds for participants, and we get £75 profit! The square is always printed large enough for people to write their name in the square of their choice. We’re always looking for different things to keep people interested. Sourcing raffle prizes takes time – this is simple to organise and keeps things lively!’

Tips and advice

  • Print the template onto A3 paper, attach to a board, and dedicate a volunteer to sell numbers on the grid at your event.
  • Get your grid-seller to walk around at your event selling the squares, encouraging supporters to ‘buy’ their birthday, house number, age, etc.
  • In each square, write down their full name and a way of identifying or contacting them ie a mobile number.
  • If you’ve spoken to everyone, and there’s still quite a few squares to sell... go around again! It’s only £1... do they want to buy their daughter’s birthday too? Perhaps that’s the lucky number!
  • At the end of the event, use a random number generator to pick the winning number. If that square hasn’t been bought, go again until you find a winner!
  • Give your winner a percentage of the takings, eg £25 if you’ve sold all 100 squares.

Treasure map

A treasure map is a great variation on the 100-square grid idea. The beauty of using a local map is that people will want to buy the square nearest to their house!

  • Print a large, simplified street map of your town onto an A3 sheet.
  • Print a 100-square grid onto an A3 sheet of tracing paper and overlay this over your map.
  • Charge contestants a fixed amount for their square, writing names against a corresponding numbered list.
  • Use a random number generator website to determine the winner.


Our A3 template grid just needs to be printed off, and it’s ready to go! Download the 100-square grid template here.

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