Calendars For Schools

Help raise money for your school with a full colour personalised fundraising school calendars from Calendars For Schools.

With one of the fundraising school calendars you can potentially raise more than £900.00 with just one simple promotion.

Calendars For Schools knows that the extra cash would help you to provide the children who attend your school with books, computers, play equipment etc.

For example - 250 A4 full colour personalised fundraising school calendars only cost you £2.30 each + VAT & delivery. You can sell the fundraising school calendars to parents at a price you think is suitable. If you sell your fundraising calendars for £5.00 each you will make £547.35 for your school, if you sell them for £6.50 each you will make £922.35.

They also provide fundraising cookbooks which make an excellent fundraising project for schools.

A school cook or recipe book is not just a great fundraiser, it offers a great opportunity to get the children involved in the creation of your fundraising cookbook and create awareness of healthy eating and healthy food. Your fundraising cookbook will educate children and parents about healthy eating.

Your fundraising cookbook will encourage children to think about what they eat at home and to ask their friends and family for recipes for your fundraising cookbook.

Fundraising cookbooks can be sold for two or three times the cost, your fundraising cookbook is an easy fundraising project just gather all the recipes for your school fundraising cookbook together and you will have all the ingredients to create a successful school fundraising project that will help you to raise substantial funds for your school.

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